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While dozens of  people have helped put this film together over the past four years and whose names will be reflected in the end credits,   
a handful of individuals stand out as post-production draws to a close.   Their support is angelic.  

Financial Contributions:
Many thanks to these men whose financial donations helped make the online presence of the film possible and allowed me to wrap up
loose ends that have needed to be tied for a while.
         Dick Green, Rustic 11, '71  Bien Hoa
         Les Littlefield, HS84/VP65, '68-'74
         Dennis Darnell, Hostage Lady

Thanks also to Tom Kemp (NKP 71-72, call sign Nail 14) for managing my funds through the OV-10 Bronco Association.

Of course, gratitude goes out to the OV-10 Bronco Association.  Without their support and encouragement, this film wouldn’t have been possible.
Visit them on the web here.