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Yandere Various X Male/Female Reader - Hinata (Charon)X Male!Reader
Yandere Various X Male/Female Reader - Yandere!Female!Kidnapper X Male!Reader
#yandere noah total drama x reader | zombifiedheartg
Undertale Boiz x Reader - IIIIIIIIIIIIII'M GONNA SWIIIIING ON THAT POOOOLE [Lust!Sans x Monster!Reader]
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Top Posts Tagged with #yandere sako atsuhiro x reader | Tumlook
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Yandere x Reader (Tell me if a fic is problematic, I'll remove it)(Male , Female , Gender neutral , Nonbinary , Trans) - rabbiteatsalot
The feelings start to rot one wink at a time //various yandere and non yandere dbd x reader// - Chapter 17 - Kornographic
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois
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